Cambodia’s recent history is punctuated by a number of military and revolutionary conflicts. The Pol Pot era saw the execution and starvation of up to 2 million people. In 1975 the People’s Republic of Cambodia was formed. During this regime 600,000 refugees lived along the Thai-Cambodia border and tens of thousands more were executed. In 1993 a constitutional monarchy was formed with a democratically elected government.

Country Information: Cambodia

Capital Phnom Penh
Language Khmer
Population 15.33 million (2014)
Fertility Rate (births per woman) 2.7
Infant Mortality 25 per 1000 live births (2013)
Living Below The Poverty Line 17.7% of population (2012)
Primary School Participation 125% (2013)
Secondary School Participation No available data
Source: The World Bank - Cambodia