It is said that children are the window into a community. We believe that children are not just to be protected, but to be blessed with a supportive family, dignity, human rights and a hopeful future. Children benefit directly when their education and health needs are met and food security and safe housing is available.

Child Protection

Child Protection cuts deep into poverty – providing rescue, relief and safety to at-risk children who don’t have a supporting family to provide adequate care. Daily, children fall silent victim to those who would sell or enslave them for labour, into begging syndicates or child prostitution. We offer decisive action - often placing them within the safety of a children’s village where they receive proper care, food, education, and freedom. Read more

Sustainable Livelihoods

Our Sustainable Livelihoods program builds resilience, and brings resources to communities where disadvantaged children are neglected, abandoned or trafficked. Microfinance, sustainable cropping or other income generating initiatives that help poor families to increase their meagre income and rise above poverty. Read more