Blessed Project

Blessed Project is a critical link for girls who have walked free from sexual exploitation.

They are provided fair trade employment, social and psychological counselling and education. Blessed Project equips women with skills that allow them to generate an income and ultimately achieve a sustainable life transformation. Some of these survivors are just young children who will also be given crisis accommodation and schooling in a safe environment. For more information, check Blessed Project’s website or Follow Blessed Project on FaceBook.

Angel Rescue

The first step is the ‘rescue’ process. This involves the physical and legal rescue processes of removing a child from harm. Whether it be abandonment, bonded labor, trafficking or abuse, providing Child Protection is critical. This also involves meeting immediate needs for a child, such as clothing, housing and health checks. Read more

Sponsor a Child

Many children in our Child Protection program need to be in children’s villages. By sponsoring one of these formally destitute or orphaned children, you get to boost their chances of great education and acceptance in the future leaders tertiary program. $48 per month links you to a child for sponsorship. You will receive updates and letters from your sponsor child.

Health and Nutrition Program

Behind the swaying palms of what at first glance may seem like a tropical island getaway, lies all the hallmarks of extreme poverty. Hungry children, poor school attendance, high unemployment and families struggling to meet the needs of their daily hand to mouth existence. Using a local volunteer labour force made up of mothers that are intentional about escaping poverty for good, school lunches are cooked with fresh local ingredients 2-3 times each week. The children can only get the lunch if their school attendance is regular, and their mothers are helping grow the food and assisting with the preparation. The results have been simply stunning with a sharp reduction in truancy, better child health and empowered mothers now ready to take the next step up the development ladder - Microfinance. A rapidly growing initiative funding of ours is the One Hope Microfinance program also working in this same community. Once children have beaten malnourishment and have regular attendance at school, after an initial credit history check, mothers can qualify for a micro loan, thus usually meeting extreme poverty forever and repaying the loan that others can borrow.

Children’s Villages

As opposed to a large orphanage style institution where children are often neglected, we prefer a family-oriented children’s village homes. We have a host parents that have up to 18 children per home in a family style environment, which enables the children to have a sense of family belonging that they need.

Children’s Villages are operated in areas where loss or separations from family, abandonment or abuse are serious community problems. Children are provided schooling, healthy and nutritious food, in a safe and nurturing environment with caring house parents.

By donating to Child Protection, you are able to directly support the needs of Children’s Villages where orphaned or abandoned children live.