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Becoming an Ambassador is one of the most helpful ways to partner with us. Being an Ambassador involves building awareness of the work that we do among your network of friends and associates.

We provide promotional material such as DVD’s, Powerpoint presentations, brochures, collection tins, newsletters and other information to enable you to develop and nurture a group of supporters for our work.

From time to time we hold an Ambassadors conference where you get to meet our field workers, ideas and resources are shared around.

Experienced Ambassadors will be offered opportunities to represent us at various local events.

Experienced volunteer Ambassadors may be offered opportunities to lead a group on a volunteer trip in one of our projects in Southeast Asia.

As an Ambassador you will encourage people to support the work that we do through a range of activities to help support and advocate for destitute children across developing countries.

To express your interest in becoming an Ambassador, simply fill in the form on this page and one of our team will contact you shortly.

Here’s what our Ambassadors’ Say…

Emily’s Story - Empowerment Through Service from ARtv on Vimeo.

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Emily Simmons


Sarkis Pennekian


Sarkis hails from Armenia and had this to say… “I fell in love with ICC Australia after a trip to see the children they rescue. I was forever changed, and every time I think about the work they do, I’m moved. As an Uber driver, I have the ability to speak with dozens of people each week from all walks of life. I share the message of hope I learnt at ICC Australia funded projects - and often collect donations when driving people around town. Wherever you are, whatever you do, ICC Australia is for you. Become an ambassador today and spread the vision”.

Jess Taylor


Jess hails from Northern Australia, and is currently studying Nursing. She
is passionate about volunteering, rolling her sleeves up and getting the job done. Using her spare time between study schedules, Jess finds sponsors for disadvantaged and at-risk children living at ICC Australia projects.

Mark Passfield


"If you live in a community, you need to give back to this community" - this is a philosophy I live by. I live in multiple communities at any one time; my family or home community, my street or suburb community, my Faith or Church community, and my community of nationality. Just by identifying with a community, we are taking from this community, and therefore we should also contribute.

One community I identify with is a world wide community. This is a way in which I contribute to this world wide community. You only have to read one of the stories to become motivated to help. Being involved makes a real difference in many people’s lives in real sustainable ways. The funny thing about giving is that we also receive. Each person will be different but through my ambassador role I have received; friendships, public relations experience, network contacts, and a sense of achievement. Being an Ambassador is challenging and rewarding.

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