Why Sponsor

Sponsoring a child is one of the best and easiest ways to brighten the future of a destitute child.

All it takes is $48 dollars a month and a few minutes of your time. And we will do the rest! Each year you will receive two full colour reports - one about the child and the other about the project that your child is involved in. You will also receive a photo of your sponsor child as well as a letter or card. Some children are involved in projects for a short time, perhaps two or three years, others will be involved for a longer time. Sometimes parents of young children will choose to sponsor a child of similar gender or age to their own child who might become friends through their letters.

Visits to meet a sponsor child are very possible and are very exciting to do. If you think that you might like to visit your sponsor child, best choose one who is not from the Berklo or Mae Rae Moo refugee camps.

Thank you for becoming a part of our sponsorship family.

Sponsorship Provides Life-saving Solutions

The children who are part of the sponsorship program have often been abused and neglected, or are suffering from serious malnutrition or other treatable health problems. For some this is because they have no family at all. Others are from families who are incapable of caring for children because of extreme poverty, destructive family break-ups, parents have been trafficked or imprisoned or suffer from a mental illness. Others have suffered physical or sexual abuse from family or community members.

Many of the children have not been able to attend school regularly because they are required to work to support their family. Others have been caught up in civil war or are at risk of being trafficked.

We use your sponsorship contributions to address these issues. We fund programs that empower children and their communities to provide:

  • Basic housing in a safe environment
  • Food security - generally through agriculture projects
  • Healthcare and medical facilities
  • School education facilities - our funded schools or other Christian schools
  • Vocational training - trades and professional qualifications at university
  • Child protection and advocacy - "safe places" programs and education about child rights

These programs often involve direct life-saving support such as food, medical care and clothing as well as longer term programs such as housing and income generation programs, microfinance and education aimed at bringing about real social and economic changes in communities.

Children’s Villages

We have partnered with local NGO’s (Non-Government Organisations) in The Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, which develop and operate child-safe Children’s Village programs. These centres are located in areas where loss or separation from family, abandonment and abuse are serious community problems. The programs replicate a family situation with a number of children cared for by carefully selected live-in house parents.

This family is generally located with a number of other supported families in homes clustered around a school, and other facilities like a medical clinic or vocational training centre which services their needs and those of the surrounding community. Village industries are funded to provide employment for local workers and generate income for the village community such as sewing, tofu-making, block-making and farming. It is helping them help themselves get out of poverty.

Programs such as this have the greatest potential because they not only provide short term solutions to life-threatening situations but also produce positive long-term results, free from sex trafficking, violence and starvation. It empowers communities and enabling the most disadvantaged and at-risk children who would otherwise live a life of abject poverty, to live and be educated in a safe and caring environment.

Education is an integral part of our global initiative. Due to their tragic backgrounds, many of the children and families involved have missed out on an education so we support programs that are located near suitable schools and training centres and, if appropriate, students may progress through vocational and higher education study programs and graduate with professional qualifications.

How Sponsorship Works

Child sponsorship contributions provide vital support for children’s villages programs that directly benefit children. The average cost per child across the children’s village projects is around $2000 per year - very low compared to the cost of feeding, clothing, medical care and educating a child in Australia, but clearly more than the proceeds of an annual sponsorship contribution of $576. For this reason children will generally have more than one sponsor. Having more than one sponsor doesn’t mean that a child receives favoured treatment. Nor does it diminish the significance of the gift you give or detract from the specialness of the sponsor and sponsor child relationship. In fact many sponsors are relieved to know this because the child will still have access to essential services if for some reason they are no longer able to make payments. Cash is never handed directly to sponsor children or their families. Support is always in the form of services and facilities.


We welcome letters or cards you would like to send to your sponsored child. In addition to letters and cards, each year we will also present a gift campaign that sponsors can choose to provide their children. We will no longer be accepting other packaged gifts due to the cost of postage which in many cases, exceeds the cost of the gift. Gifts from our campaign will provide some opportunities to send in that item for us to take with us to the projects or financial donations can be made to our office which will enable us to purchase items locally to the project. For example, in 2017 we featured a T-Shirt for our Gift Campaign. Sponsors have the choice to send in money for a local purchase or buy one themselves to send to our office for delivery.

Guidelines for cards, letters & Gift Campaign item. Direct by post to our office with a return address: PO Box 2087, Hornsby Westfield NSW 1635 Australia. We will deliver these letters via our travelling staff or bulk mail.

In most instances our in country staff can purchase the gift locally and present it to the child on behalf of the sponsor with a card and a message in the local language. Gifts will also be fairly distributed to children who have not receive a gift directly from a sponsor.

Sponsorships Are Life-saving Partnerships

Sponsors form a vital partnership with us to help us facilitate change and save children’s lives.

How To Become A Sponsor

To become a sponsor, use the search at the top of the page or the ‘view all’ sponsor children button.

Complete the payment details and you will receive an instant receipt for your first payment. Within a short time you will receive a Sponsor’s Welcome Pack in the post and you will be a part of our so important sponsorship family.