January 30th, 2018
Impact - Where Are they now? Thearvy and Vivath

Thearvy and Vivath were both living with their elderly grandfather when they were identified as vulnerable children having to beg for daily food for the family. The Grandfather, in ill health, was unable to care for them and they were referred to care at ICC Cambodia in 1999, when Thearvy was 8 years and Vivath was 6 years.

Thearvy has been through some tough challenges in her young life but now has her life in focus. She has a wonderful young son who is showered with love that she missed as a young girl. Thearvy is working at ICC Cambodia School where she is a teacher in our primary school. She enjoys this role and is happy living in the peaceful environs of the Light of Hope Children’s Village to raise her young son.

Vivath has always been a focussed young man who knows where he is headed. He completed his study as a Civil Engineer and is currently working on the new international airport at Sihanoukville. He is engaged to be married in May and is focussed on creating a secure financial position for his future family.

The lives of these siblings would look vastly different if it were not for the generous support of sponsors through their young lives, through their years of tertiary study and into independent adulthood.