March 23rd, 2018
Mum on a mission

Mum and sponsor Vienna, shares of her experience as a Big Build volunteer.

I felt so blessed to have been a part of the Big Build trip, helping those who are less fortunate, seeing how they live and comparing my life to theirs. Realising that they have so little but they possess an inner peace and joy, and I have so much yet many times I complain and have high expectations.

The work was made easier as our group were all united in fulfilling the purpose of the trip. Many new friendships were formed and great times had. It was awesome seeing the younger members of the group looking out for each other, helping each other out, praying together, singing together and working happily together.

God worked in a mighty way on this trip, both within our hearts, the team who travelled over and also within the hearts of the Cambodian people. I praise the Lord for the wonderful opportunity He blessed my family with, that we were all able to go and serve together. Knowing that the people saw Jesus in our work and characters, for me is a mission completed.

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